About Us

John Allain, owner of Surf Trunks, Inc. and manufacturer of Trunx has been doing high-end custom wood working for over 20 years. As a native Floridian, John naturally enjoys his outdoor lifestyle which includes surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, fishing, skateboarding and bicycling.

While searching for ideas to display his boards and fishing poles he found nothing of quality, versatility or appeal, so John designed, developed and patented the perfect solution: the Trunx rack system.

The Trunx rack system's unique style and integrated capabilities allow you to individualize your own rack system. As the world's passion for stand up paddle boarding grew stronger, John developed and patented the Surf Trunks SUP Trunx system which features it's own paddle storage.

All Surf Trunks products are made out of 13 layers of laminated birch. These beautiful, hand crafted wooden wall mounted racks are finished in a 7 step furniture grade process, proudly made here in Florida, U.S.A. Whether your sport is surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, stand-up paddle boarding, or fishing, we have the most awesome rack system for you to display your adventurous soul.

Working together, John and his wife Ellen take pride in their family operated business. Nothing else on the market even comes close to the quality and style of all our surf-trunks products, and we truly appreciate your business.